About Us

IDScan.net™ was launched in 2013 to help companies stay compliant with the ever changing restrictive state laws around scanning ID’s.  This also allows our customers to stay closely informed on newly enacted laws, at a fraction of the cost than having to hire out or use internal legal teams to perform this extensive research for all 50 states, and track ongoing legislation.

After a decade in the ID scanning and document authentication industry, our founding Partner, Debi Scott, had the opportunity to keep a pulse on the needs of many industries, including retail, security, financial, and many others.  Applications for ID scanning needs vary depending on the industry, from customer onboarding, to ID validation for fraud reduction, field marketing, age verification, etc.  Scanning IDs is relevant  in all industries where an ID is required.  This is an ever changing industry in terms of validating customer or prospective customer’s identities, while combatting fraud and automating the data entry process, especially in the new era of mobile apps.

Because of her intense involvement in this industry, it allowed her to identify the needs, pain points, and necessary knowledge required for companies to follow the individual state ID scanning restrictions.

IDScan.net, built with a team of industry experts, launched in 2013.  Included in the initial research of the relevant state laws were seven law firms, regionally selected around the country to compile the restrictive laws and provide their interpretation on how companies in various industries need to implement those laws to remain complaint.  The final analysis and interpretation, and ongoing interpretation of newly enacted laws, is performed by the highly accredited law firm, Summit Law Group out of Seattle, WA.

Our ongoing legislative tracking is performed by Legal Research Center in Minneapolis, MN, as well as additional interpretation of pending legislation, helping all of our clients to stay a step ahead to remain compliant.

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