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Why Track ID Scanning Laws?
Many states have adopted laws surrounding scanning IDs, but there is little consistency state-to-state. What's more, there are newly proposed and passed laws every year. Laws from brings all of this information into one place so you can understand and comply with state laws wherever you are scanning IDs. We have engaged law firms around the country to compile and interpret the respective state laws. In addition, we track pending and enacted state laws for each state and update this site quarterly.
While laws surrounding IDs vary, many of them restrict the situations in which IDs can be scanned. For example, some states say that ID scanning is allowed when in some circumstances but not in others. Some states say that the company scanning the ID can only collect certain information from the ID, or that they can only retain that information for a certain amount of time.
  • Retailers who operate in multiple states and scan IDs for credit card applications and/or age verification.
  • Rental car companies that scan ID’s to enhance the check-in and/or registration process.
  • Hotels that scan ID’s to enhance the check-in process.
  • Any business that scans IDs and and wants to understand the requirements associated with the implementation of this technology.